get the support, accountability and nurturing you want

… to scale up and accelerate profits!

  1. Prosper together as a group. Each week I’ll answer questions from the group and record an audio mp3. Listen to these while you workout, cook or travel.
  2. Get access to a new weekly specific training module to help you scale your business faster and get rock-solid group support every single day. By the end of the year you’ll have access to the entire 5M Method™ library, worth over $2K. The 5M Method™ is the entire biz success system you need to THRIVE!
  3. Get killer laser group coaching at no extra cost. Want your website critiqued? Want to run your copy past me? Need feedback on your product idea? No problem! Post the request in the group and you will have my feedback within 72 hours.
  4. Sell out your offers faster than freshly baked cupcakes on show day… before you actually create them. Oh-la-la!
  5. Discover my proven 5M Method™ to accelerate momentum and create irresistible impact. BOOM!

Hello Gorgeous One,

The Money, Mindset & Marketing Mastery Community is a private community for business women who want irresistible impact! This is a walk-you-by-the-hand community, that is guaranteed to get you where you need to go. By the time you’re done, you’ll be making more money than ever before, scaling your business like a rock star and strategising with me on a regular basis. Let’s do this!

Here’s what you can expect from the MMM Community:

  1. Support and nurturing from a coach who has built two successful businesses from scratch in less than 1.5 years.
  2. Receive daily nurturing, accountability challenges, special VIP-only events and the support you NEED to prosper!
  3. Have the freedom to ask your most pressing questions in the group daily, and get clear on the next steps. If you’re frequently stuck in limbo because you have to wait for your next call with your coach this is the perfect solution to fill that painful and costly GAP!
  4. Consider this your own personal business intervention that will stop you flogging dead horses and pursuing ideas that don’t pay. If you’ve ever wanted a business bestie who will promptly answer your questions and keep you accountable, this is it baby. Oh yeah!

Test-drive and experience the fantastic value of this offer before you commit. You pay ONLY $1 NOW FOR INSTANT ACCESS TO THE COMMUNITY FOR 7 DAYS, and on day 8 your card will automatically be charged $37 per month. You can cancel any time.

  1. Don’t want the retreat? No problem. This is optional.
  2. Think having a dedicated coach, mentor, copywriter, marketer and biz friend in your back pocket, any time you need her.
  3. Think having momentum, visibility, results, impact.
  4. THINK BIGGER reach and more fans.
  5. Think product funnels that are selling.
  6. Think having an authentic business on steroids.
  7. Think fun, laughter and friendship.
  8. Think FREEDOM!

Enrol in my 12-month 1:1 Irresistible Impact™ Mentoring Program!

  1. Think 1:1 co-creation.
  2. Think fortnightly coaching calls with me.
  3. Think 24/7 emergency support via a VIP-only email address and What’s App.
  4. Think You + Me in a private 1:1… 7-day, 8-night retreat with me to work on your business. This fun, intensive + productive immersion is designed to help you… walk away with an entire new sales funnel… launch a new offer… or create a new program. This private immersion includes accommodation, food and drink and pick up from the closest train station or airport. Our destinations over the coming six months: Gran Canaria Island, Switzerland. Where will we co-create?

The Irresistible Impact™ Mentoring Program is for women who are ready to lead so that they can create the impact and profits they want. Schedule a complimentary 30-minute virtual tea party chat with me now to see if this program is a fit for you and whether you’re a fit for the program.

I can’t wait to help you succeed by creating your dream business and lifestyle!